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Human Resource Department

The Human Resource Department strives to be a strategic partner within the business by providing comprehensive strategies and operational advice in HR areas.

HR endeavors to effectively support management and workforce by promoting collaboration and a work environment that is characterized by fairness, open communication, trust, personal accountability and mutual respect as well as generate productive impact to the workforce and create value to the organisation.


The Vital Role of Finance Department is managing company financial. The Department are responsible for acquiring funds for the company, managing funds within the organization and planning for the expenditure of funds on various assets. It is the part of an organization that ensures efficient financial management and financial control necessary to support all business activities.


Marketing departments create promotional materials and advertisement for companies. Promotional materials include brochures, flyers, visual aid, newsletters and website. All promotions and advertisement are designed to create attention and interest, prompting customers to seek additional information.

It is also include identifying new markets for existing services or discovering a need that current customers have for a modified version of an existing service offered. Marketing department works closely with local and international clients in generating new business opportunity.

It is a way forward to move globalization that brings the company to penetrate the international market. Other than that, joint venture or collaborate with government agencies is an option to have strong communication to deliver the core business. When it come to the profit led organizations, marketing department is responsible for the increase in revenue and by extension increase in the organizations profitability.

Organizations are competing to be at the top of the customers mind and at the same time trying to protect market share. Marketing department aims to create customer loyalty and customer retention. Its shapes the image of the organization, how people associate the organizations products or services and indeed give people the confidence about their products or services.

Special Project

In essence, business development should be ready to accommodate change in order to achieve the best results. Expected to perform duties with a high degree of independence, initiative and judgment.   

Through new ideas and initiatives, it aims to improve the overall business prospects, which drive the functioning of the different business units. It is not sales, it is not marketing, it is not partnering. Instead, it is the eco-system encompassing the entire business and its various divisions, driving overall growth. All these different departments and activities are driven by and aligned to the business development goals.

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