Train Course for Instructor (IMO Module 6.09)


This course is designed to facilitate the delivery of training in the competence standards required by the IMO Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended.

Since the course is relatively short it cannot provide a full course of teacher training. However, it should provide a useful introduction for those with limited teaching experience. For those who have been teaching for some time, the course may introduce some new approaches or serve as reminder of techniques that have been forgotten.

The objectives of this course include the planning and preparation of effective teaching and instruction; the selection of appropriate methods of instruction and teaching materials; and the evaluation of the teaching and learning process.

:- 10 days theory class (Online)

:- Valid Seaman Card
:- Identification Card / Passport
:- Discharge Book
:- COC
:- Copy of Certificate of Course Attended
:- CV/Resume
:- STCW Certificate

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To become an instructor for IMO Module 6.09 or any IMO module, individuals usually need to undergo specialized training and certification. The specific course or program for instructor training can vary by country and training provider. Training institutions recognized by maritime authorities or bodies accredited by the IMO often offer such courses.

Date of Class

15 – 24 January 2024, 11 – 20 March 2024, 6 – 16 May 2024, 9 – 18 July 2024, 11 – 20 September 2024, 13 – 22 November 2024


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